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BAME In Games launch new committee, Meetup Group and Slack Channel for members

An open meeting of the BAME in Games group in London lead to the appointment of a new Committee to manage the initiatives of the organisation. In addition to Kish Hirani as Chair and Adam Campbell and Tanya Laird as Vice Chairs are added Albert Marshall, Rochelle Falconer, Jade Leamchaskul, Alon Or-Bach, David Smith, Lynne […]

Creative Skillsets Employment Census 2015 for games and other Creative Media sectors now published

This article was first published by Women in Games WIGJ on 23 April 2016.

Did you complete Creative Skillset Employment Census for games and all other Creative Media sectors launched in September of last year ? 657 employers or organisations did.

We know this as the results have now been published on the Creative Skillset […]