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BAME in Games is an advocacy or special interest group that exists to encourage more diverse talent to work in the games and the wider entertainment industry. The group will manage a professional network to encourage discussion and collaboration on diversity and make available speakers for conferences and events. The network is free to join and open to everyone interested in the entertainment sector at

The group also exists to nurture and promote the benefits of diversity and hiring talent from minority groups generally within games and entertainment.

A Committee lead by a part time Chair and Deputy Chairs provides a clear point of contact for companies and organisations seeking to promote ethnic diversity in the games and entertainment sectors. The Chair of the group is Kish Hirani who has worked at the BBC, THQ and most recently Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. He is supported by four vice chairs, Tanya Laird of Digital Jam, Adam Campbell of Azoomee, Chella Ramanan of Game Industry News and Sitara Shefta, Senior Producer at Dream Reality Interactive.

An open meeting of the BAME in Games group in December 2017 lead to the appointment of a new Committee to manage the initiatives of the organisation. In addition to Kish Hirani, Adam Campbell and Tanya Laird are added Albert Marshall, Rochelle Falconer, Jade Leamchaskul, Alon Or-Bach, David Smith, Lynne Liu, Chella Ramanan and Sitara Shefta.

BAME bd 2017 comp

Kish, Albert, Rochelle, Jade, Adam, Alon and David